I grew up painting, singing, and dressing up like Bat-Man.
I still do that stuff, except now I dress up like Bruce Wayne.


I spent my early years drawing and painting on the living room coffee table while listening to my father’s record collection (mostly jazz and film scores...)

I began performing and singing in Elementary school productions, and then songwriting in Junior high. At 15, I traded one of my paintings for recording sessions at a local sound studio.

Soon I re-discovered my father’s record collection, and also began listening to all sorts of world music from far-away radio stations, inspiring me to compose with chords and techniques that were way over my head.

I continued writing (by ear) throughout college, but music was put on pause. I took the idea of a well-rounded education very seriously, struggling with subjects outside of my field (and probably my I.Q.) Again, I was in over my head.

So after college, the real work began (once I set my mind on music.) It was a somber time. I switched from guitar to piano, embraced theory, and began the daunting task of editing, re-re-re-writing...and "being a responsible father" to the scrapbooks full of songs I had brought into this world.


"The fundamental things apply as time goes by."
--Herman Hupfeld, (from the film, "Cassablanca," 1942, WarnerBros.)